A Hypernova is the brightest possible star. It is bigger and emits more energy than a Supernova. During their time in IJC or WRS, the Hockey Hypernovas burn with an unbelievable amount of passion and energy.
They impact their friends, school and community with the intensity of their life and spirit. Just as people throughout millennia have looked up to the stars for hope, light and direction, so too are the Hypernovas expected to lead the way both on and off the pitch.
Everywhere they go, people are changed by presence of these dynamic young men and women. To be touched by a Hypernova is incredible, to BE a Hypernova is sublime.

The Hypernovas is not merely a sport or a CCA (co-curricular activity), it is a family, it is a community. The Hypernovas all the way from the start in 2006 are a closely knit bunch with a firm knowledge of their history and their identity as Hypernovas, even as they constantly look towards their future.

When a young man or woman is accepted into the Hypernovas, they are presented with a Hypernova Crest.
The Crest design features rays of light emanating from the middle, representing the energy and passion each Hypernova will burn with.

The hockey sticks and ball in the centre represent the sport which binds all of them. These hockey sticks and ball also form the letters "IJ", reminding them that it was in Innova Junior College that it all started.

The Motto of the Hypernovas is inscribed at the bottom of the Crest, "Novus Prognatus Astrum" and signifies that the recipient of the Crest has joined the Hypernova Family and is now a "New Born Star".

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